What Types of Civil Engineer Design Does Fairtech Provide?

What Types of Civil Engineer Design Does Fairtech Provide?

Fairtech Contracting is an architects in Warrington that provides a variety of different services including Civil Engineer Design.

Civil Engineer Design involves the development of infrastructure in projects such as drainage systems, utilities and ground contamination.

These aspects of design are just as if not more important than the aesthetic and exterior properties of a design.

But what types of civil engineer design does Fairtech provide as an architects in Warrington?

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We Design Soakaways

Soakaways are fast becoming a necessity for a number of properties. If you want an extension to your home, local authorities will often request for these to be installed and included within your extension.

We will begin by visiting your website to see whether there are adequate conditions and need for a soakaway, we will then help you with designing the addition.

We design crate system soakaways, they are much more economic and on average require less excavation that traditional gravel soakaways.

Speak to our team of architects in Warrington about how we can design your property a cost effective soakaway system.

Drainage Design Systems 

Drainage systems for properties need to be expertly designed in order to ensure they remain efficient for their entire life span.

We are well versed in designing drainage systems for the removal of both foul and surface water. Hydraulic modelling software enables us to design the most advanced drainage systems that in keep with the requirements of local authorities. 

Bespoke Private Driveway Design

The architects in Warrington at Fairtech Contracting LTD design bespoke, private driveways for our clients. Our skills in computer aided design (CAD) allow us to accurately design driveways that are made to very specific measures.

As well as this, vehicle tracking allows us to ensure that driveways work and are fit for purpose.

Some of the Other Projects and Services That We Provide   

Some of the other types of civil engineer design projects that we work on include: Car park design, sewer design, paving design and much more.

We also provide services such as site feasibility studies, cut and fill design, 3D modelling and CAD, topographical surveys and much more.

Whatever civil engineer design based task you need help with, we can help you by providing unparalleled expertise and high quality workmanship.

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When we visit your site, we will also provide a free quote for the price of service.

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For further help and advice on how we can help you achieve your civil engineer design project, speak to your architects in Warrington– Fairtech Contracting today.

We offer effective, affordable solutions in architecture, civil design and extension plans and can help you make your dreams a reality.