When Do You Need Planning Permission?

When Do You Need Planning Permission?

Getting the correct planning permission for your brand-new extension or addition to your home can be a pain. The truth is, planning regulation is complex and hard to tell exactly what it is you can and can’t do when it comes to your own home.

Because it confuses many on a daily basis, we decided it would be a good idea to list four common home changes and discuss the different planning permissions you could need for each addition.

Architects Warrington are here to help you understand four of the most common additions to each home, and what planning permissions you might need in order to implement them as soon as you can.


Adding an extension to your home is usually a permitted development. You don’t necessarily need planning permission to add an extension as long as it follows certain rules. For example, it can’t exceed more than half the area of land around the original house. Your extension cannot be higher than the highest part of your roof and the materials are similar in appearance to the existing house.

There is a multitude of other examples for not needing planning permission and guidelines for your extension. If you need further advice, don’t hesitate to contact us at Fairtech Contracting, and we can guide you in the right direction.

Sheds and Garages  

Buildings that are typically outside also are exempt from usually needing planning permission. You can build a garage or ‘outbuilding’ without needing any planning permission, as long as it’s a reasonable size. The only thing you need to keep an eye of when planning your build is to make sure that it doesn’t take up more than half the land of the original property.

Architects Warrington suggests contacting your local planning permission authority before planning any builds, just in case your particular build requires specific planning permission after all.

Walls and Roofing

For planning minor changes to your home, such as painting your home or even adding extra windows, you don’t need planning permission. The same does not apply for those in rented accommodation, or those living in listed buildings. Otherwise, decorate to your heart’s content!


A large majority of internal home changes don’t need any kind of planning permission. This includes the likes of loft conversions, new staircases, bathrooms, kitchens or rewiring. It’s always best to double check, just in case, but it’s more than likely not going to be needed.

Internal changes to your home aren’t always in need of planning permission, so remodelling your kitchen or bathroom isn’t an issue here.

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If you don’t see your exact build on this list, be sure to ask our advice on whether you require specific planning permission before going ahead with any remodelling or extensions. Better to be safe than sorry!

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