Why is Miniature Housing Becoming So Popular?

Why is Miniature Housing Becoming So Popular?

In the recent few years, miniature houses have risen in popularity. The trend of tiny houses has become more of a social movement, but what does it actually mean to live in a miniature house?

Understanding trends is an important part of being an architect, as architects St Helens knows very well. But understanding why something is a trend is an entirely different matter, which is why we’re going to delve into why it has become so popular.

Why Tiny Houses?

Tiny house owners all have separate reasons as to why they decided to convert their style of living. The growing movement argues that small is good, and better for the environment. But why exactly are people choosing to go smaller, rather than bigger?

Architects St Helens realises that the trend has taken longer to reach the UK, with it being increasingly popular in the USA. Since the start of the property crisis and financial decline, the idea of living smaller and more efficient has turned the heads of many. Advocates argue that the tiny house movement is better for the environment and is exceedingly affordable. Is this what the future holds for housing?

Living with Less

With tiny homes being featured all over the media, it’s no wonder that they’ve increased in popularity. With it trending all over the world, it’s helped many find a new way of living. Many who live this lifestyle will for a range of different reasons, like simplifying their lifestyle and being conscious of environmental issues. Whatever the reason, the tiny life allows you to be more aware of life’s little pleasures.

Many will cut out unnecessary spending habits, like cutting down on the weekly food shop or getting rid of items they regularly purchase that they could do without, including monthly subscriptions. A diet change might even accompany this change, going from expensive process foods to cheaper, healthier options.

What Is a Tiny House?

By definition, a miniature house is typically a property sized around 186 sq/ft, whereas a traditional house will be around 2,100 sq/ft. That’s seriously tiny! Research on tiny house owners discovered that a whopping 78% own their own home and 55% of tiny homeowners have more savings than the average homeowner.

The results speak for themselves, it’s a real money saver. If you’re looking to condense your lifestyle, maybe this is the best way for you. Tiny houses tend to be, well, tiny, with typically just the one room to accommodate all their living necessities.

The Disadvantages

Many might call these minimalists crazy, but they will respectfully disagree. Although the results are that living a miniature life can save you a lot of money, it’s not the right choice for everyone.

Those with big families who shell out the big bucks for the houses that they currently reside in won’t benefit from this movement, as it won’t be enough space for a growing family with the need of multiple rooms and get-away space. Many of us are also incredibly accustomed to all the simple pleasures that we’re used to, like our monthly subscriptions and our processed foods. Living a simple and condensed life isn’t always as easy as it seems, Architects St Helens Warns.

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