Your Building Work Isn’t Quality- What Can You Do?

Your Building Work Isn’t Quality- What Can You Do? 

Fairtech Contracting is an architects St Helens, we help members of the St Helens community design and build their dream homes as well as modifying their current builds to meet their requirements.

When it comes to building work and tradesmen, there are plenty of great industry members that carry out good quality work in a timely manner.

However, there are also an abundance of ‘cowboy’ types that are only really interested in taking your money and are not concerned with the work they carry out.

But what can you do if you end up with one of these cowboy traders?

Read Fairtech’s blog to find out.

The Supply of Good and Services

If poor building work leads you into a dispute with your builder, it’s important to know that under the Consumer Rights Act there are regulations for how work should be carried out.

As an architects St Helens, we know the importance of working within the regulations of the act.

The act came into force on 1 October 2015 and outlines that any building or decorating work should do the following:

  • Work has to be completed with reasonable care and skill. However, this does not mean perfection but the standard you can expect needs to be that of a competent tradesman.
  • Be completed within a reasonable time frame, unless a specific time frame is agreed upon.
  • Use materials that are satisfactory and appropriate for the job itself. This includes any goods supplied, such as goods for a kitchen.
  • Goods supplied must be as described. So new kitchen appliances must be the specific make and model ordered and must have all the features promised.

Failure to meet any of these, will put the trader in breach of the consumer Rights Act.

As an architects St Helens with plenty of experience using reliable tradesmen, we know if is best to get everything in writing before proceeding with any work.


Whether you are working with a builder, decorator, architects St Helens or any other type of contractor- you can hold them to their guarantees.

If a trader guarantees their work for a certain amount of time, the guarantee does not affect your legal rights to have work done with reasonable care and skill, using satisfactory materials and quality.

A trader cannot claim that you cannot get a repair on any work that you discover is not up to standard after your guarantee period is over.

You are still legally entitled to have any issues that you encounter with the quality of work put right and corrected free of charge or have any products repaired or replaced. 

Breach of Contract

Failing to reach any of the conditions outlined within a contract can result in breach of contract. If your builder has breached contract, you have the right to:

  • Have all faulty items replaced or repaired and have any poor quality workmanship put right.
  • Have any damage the builder or decorator causes to your property put right, with the expenses coming out of their pocket.
Make Sure You Get Everything in Writing

Take it from an architects St Helens, making sure you have everything in writing before proceeding with any work is a must.

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